Re: JRI-Poland and AGAD-Warsaw are they exactly the same ? #galicia

Mark Halpern

Dear Jacqueline and other Galician researchers:

The AGAD records indexed by JRI-Poland are exactly the same as the
collection at AGAD with only one exception. If AGAD has records that are
100 years old or less, JRI-Poland cannot index those records as they are
not in the public domain and are protected by strict Polish privacy
laws. Let me explain.

JRI-Poland and the Polish State Archives have a unique and special
relationship. I think JRI-Poland is the only ethnic genealogy
organization that is allowed to index records in government Archives,
place them in a searchable database on the Internet, and provide an
order system for the public to acquire the underlying records.

I will explain our working relationship with the AGAD Archives, but this
relationship is repeated as other volunteer Archive Coordinators work
with their respective Archives.

JRI-Poland works with a group of Archivists at AGAD, who perform
indexing of Jewish vital records on our behalf. The funds to pay for
this indexing is contributed by generous researchers to JRI-Poland and
subsequently paid to these Archivists. The Archivists are provided with
a set of procedures and templates for creating the indices. Before
indexing of the AGAD collection began, these Archivists created a
detailed inventory of the towns, the records available, and the record
count for each year and each type of record (birth, marriage,death).
Each index file created is first reviewed by the Indexing Team Leader,
an Archivist selected by JRI-Poland for his expertise, and then by
myself before the file is converted and added to the online database.

The original register books are employed to create the indices and each
entry for each year has a unique AKT or record number. This procedure
and the two reviews ensure that all records in a register are actually

Now, I am sure there are many researchers who have found "omissions" in
the indexing of their town's records. I am one of those. These are not
really omissions, but expectations that have not been met. I expected to
find the birth index of my grandmother in the 1870 Tarnopol births,
which have been indexed. Her birth record was not there. My further
research determined that my grandmother's birth and those of her sisters
(not her brothers) were all registered on the same day in 1908, the date
of registration of my great grandparent's civil marriage.

My experience of delayed registration of the females in my great
grandparents' family is only one example of why your great uncles and
great aunts birth records may not show up in the Stanislawow indices.
Maybe their births were not registered with the civil authorities. Maybe
they were born in another nearby town. Maybe the birth is registered
under the mother's maiden name and not the father's name. And there are
many more reasons that your fellow genealogists have found for these
"missing" entries.

I can tell you with certainty that the Stanislawow birth records for
1865 through 1873 and 1877 through 1900 are complete and have been
completely indexed. I can also tell you that 1864 and 1874 birth records
appear to be for only a partial year and that 1875 and 1876 birth
records are missing.

JRI-Poland and AGAD are dealing with the same exact records. The
JRI-Poland indices represent 100% of the AGAD collection for the years
shown. The only Jewish vital records in the AGAD collection that have
not been indexed are those that were recently acquired by AGAD and not
yet indexed or those not indexed by JRI-Poland due to lack of funding
for that town's indexing project.

If you ever have a question about the records that have been or will be
indexed by any JRI-Poland Archive project, please contact the Archive
Coordinator or Town Leader for your town's project. These contacts can
be found on our website at two locations. Our Town Index can be accesses
from the homepage at by clicking on "Your town" from
the main menu. The Polish State Archive Project Status Page is found at

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
Dear Genners,
I appreciate a lot JRI-Poland but I ascertain there are a lot of
in. I have a lot of great-uncles or great-aunts and cousins who
were born
in Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankovsk) before 1900 and who don't appear in
lists of JRI-Poland.
Would the Archives of AGAD in Warsaw be more complete ? Would I get
Agad-Warsaw, writing them in Polish,the birth certificates of the
missing in JRI-Poland ?
And does any body now why the records of JRI-Poland (and maybe too the
of Agad) are that incomplete ?
Thank you in advance for any information
Jacqueline Pollak

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