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I'm hoping this will ring a bell with some genner out there. We have been
searching for some time for information about my great grandmother, Evelyn
Rebecca. We're trying to pin down her maiden name. She was >from Belchatov,
Poland. I've just come across some information. Her sister (possibly a twin)
visited the family in the 1920s. Her name was Mirel HOFFMAN. We're not
certain if HOFFMAN was her married name or her maiden name. The name may have
been HAUPTMANN back in Poland. She had a son named Gavriel (may have been
Americanized to Gabriel) who was tall and handsome and worked in a handbag
factory. Mirel left NY and returned to Poland, but her son is believed to
have remained here.

I know it's not much, but if you have a Mirel or a Gabriel in your HOFFMAN
family, I'd like to hear >from you.

Cathy J. Flamholtz
Brent, AL

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