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Hi all,

My great-grandfather, Abraham Leib Greenhouse, was born in Lodz around 1889.
Several years ago, my grandfather translated a typewritten article,
apparently sent to a Yiddish newspaper for publication, relating the story of
how he saved a 19 year old Baruch Charney Vladeck >from a police raid at a
Bund rally in 1905.

The translated article (my grandfather recently passed away, and hence can't
answer these questions for me) describes the Shul at which the rally took
place by several names and descriptions. I'd like to determine which shul it
was, so hopefully someone on this list will be able to help me.

When first mentioned, it is referred to as the "Balter (sp?) Shul". I assume
the spelling question is the translator's. Later, my great-grandfather
states: (Revolutionary sentiment) every evening pulled to the 'Birdzeh' where
there gathered hundreds, thousands of young men and women".

He goes on to say, "Around the holidays, the Bund organized a few gathering
at the Baloomer Shul, on Georgia Street, on a Saturday where they'd gather
for davening normally, so there'd be no police suspicion The speaker was
Vladeck (In those days he was called La Salle, or the Second La Salle). The
Shul was packed. The real devout daveners were bewildered as to why on an
ordinary Shabbos so many people came to daven - and, especially young people".

After Vladek had been speaking for about twenty minutes, the police arrived,
tipped off by an informer: "I stood near Vladeck. I removed his cape, took
his hand, and said "Come with me". We went out through the window, crawled
over a low fence and we went into the second house of the Shul, that was
called the Zenhendler's (sp?) house, and >from there to still another house,
the third one of the Shul, to the Milkeleh's house, we we lived".

My great-greatfather ended up bring Vladeck home, where his mother, Pearl
Bornstein Greenhouse, helped him hide Vladeck >from the police. Years later,
the two men caught up with each other in NYC and reminisced about the
incident. I'm planning to visit the Tamiment Library at NYU, home to a
collection of Vladeck's writings, to see if he ever made any mention of the

Anyway, if anyone with knowledge of the synagogues of Lodz, the early
activities of the Bund, or the life of Baruch Charney Vladeck has any
pertinent info, I'd be very appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

Abraham J. Greenhouse

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