1903 Lwow map online #galicia

Logan J. Kleinwaks

At http://www.wbc.poznan.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=23441, you can view a
street map of Lwow >from 1903. Various buildings throughout the city are
indicated. Click on "Content" at the left of the screen, and download the
DjVu plugin (if you do not have it) by clicking on the appropriate link on
the resulting page. When you revisit this page, click on "Browse
publication" to view the map. If you are a Macintosh OS X user, first
download the DjVu plugin from
atform=macx, then follow the other instructions above.

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG
near Washington, D.C.

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