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My name is Helene Sinnreich. I am a Ph.D. Candidate at Brandeis
University. I am currently living in Lodz as I research and prepare a
dissertation on the Lodz Ghetto. While I have no family connections to
Lodz (that I know of), this list has been enormously helpful in pointing
out various document resources I might have otherwise overlooked. It was
also instrumental in my first becoming aquainted with the Lodz archives.
Both as a reseearcher studying the destruction of Jewish life in Lodz and
as a Jew living in Lodz, I have become very interested in the pre-war
Jewish population. There are also many remain s of the pre-war
community here if you know what you are looking for. Walking down streets
one will suddenly recognize a building for what it once was -- like the
movie theater that was obviously a pre-war synagogue or hunts through
courtyards to find what was once a mikvah. The religious instruments of
the pre-war Jews emerge in Pawn shops and antique stores. Well, I won't
keep going on but I would be happy to answer questions about Lodz to
anyone off the list.

Helene Sinnreich
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History
Brandeis University

Looking for: Sinnreich, Scharf and Rosenheck in the Chernovitsy region
Looking for: Tillenger in Kuty
Looking for: Ramer in Odessa and Philadelphia, South New Jersey

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