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Laurence Harris <laurence_harris@...>

My name is Laurence Harris and I live in Pinner, Middlesex,

I would like to introduce myself to the group although I suspect
that some of you may have already seen some of my postings.

My maternal grandfather's family were >from the Lodz area
including the towns of Zloczew, Boleslawiec (where they ran the
Mikvah), Lodz, Ostrovah, Kalitz.

I have traced my family back to Chaim Nachum KLENOWSKI (born Abt.
1825). He married Sarah/Sura UNKNOWN (born Abt. 1825, and died
Aft. 1908 at age 80.

Their son was Hersz/Herschel KLENOWSKI (b. Abt. 1850; d. Bet.
1918 - 1939, in Poland.

Hersz/Herschel KLENOWSKI/KLONOWSKI married Chava/Hava/Hawa PINKUS
(born Bef. 1850, and died Bet. 1918 - 1939 in Poland - daughter
of Anchel PINKUS [a synagogue shamas who died aged 105?!]and
Hershel and Chava ran the Mikvah in Boleslawiec, Poland.
He also grew fruit and sold it at market. Later in life they
moved to Zloczew and he became a tailor.

The KLENOWSKI (eight??) children of Herschel KLENOWSKI and Chava
PINKUS, [numbered 1 to 8 below], were:

1. Esther/Sarah b. Abt. 1870; d. Bet. 1937 - 1950. She married
Abraham BRIGHTBARD(born Abt. 1870, and died Bef. 1975 - son of
Raphoel BRIGHTBARD). It is believed there is a connection to the
family of Ziche BREITBARD of Lodz (the famous Strongman). Abraham
and Esther went to England and had a family.

2. Feiga b. Abt. 1875, Poland; d. in Ostrova, near Zlochew. Had
one daughter who died quite young.

3. Rose b. Abt. 1875; Married Herschel SILVER and settled in

4. Kalman Leib (my g.grandfather) b. Bet. 12 - 15 Apr 1878;
Emigrated to England. He married Genonezy/Genuncha ZALT (born
Abt. 1875 in Balushka(??), Poland, daughter of Herschel ZALT. The
children of Kalman & Genonezy were:
(a) Shymon KLENOWSKI, b. Bet. 1900 - 1901, Poland; m. Pearl OR
Edith UNKNOWN; This family died Abt. 1939, Holocaust.
(b) Anzela/Alec/Anchel KLENOWSKI, b. 25 Dec 1903, Zloczew, Poland
. Immigrated c.1919 to England.
(c) Aniela/Neecha/Nita/Nellie KLONOWSKA, b. 2 Jun 1907,
Zlotnik(?), Poland; Resided 1914-1918 Zloczew & Ostrova.
Married Abraham/Avrom Marks/Motca FEINSILVER.
(d) Nuta/Nathan/Norman/Nat KLENOWSKI, b. 8-10 Jun 1909,
(e) Hymie KLENOWSKI, b. 14 Jul 1911, Poland m. Rose SHERETSKI,
b. 17 Jul 1918;

5. Yetta b. 8 May 1882, Boleslawiec. Married (in Zloczew 1908)
to Mozek/Moishe LEWKOWICZ (born December 1885, Lodz - son of
Uszer LEWKOWICZ and Zelda Trilling - Note: Mozek LEWKOWICZ's
brother/sisters were Leib (Label), Chana Faja (Feigela), and
Taube (Tessie)). Cildren of Yetta & Mozek LEWKOWICZ were:
(a) Henry (b. Nov 1908, Lodz)
(b) George (b. 1910, Lodz)
(c) Unnamed baby (died as a young baby)
(d) Robert (b. France)
(e) Evelyn (b. USA)

6. Leah b. 1881, Lodz; Married Abraham ZAIDENBERG >from Lublin.

7. Hinde/Helena b. Abt. 1884, Poland; d. Bet. 1939 - 1945,
Poland - Died in Holocaust

8. Leaka b. Abt. 1885; d. Bef. 1905, Died as child.

I look forward to reading the postings of others who have
family/interests in this region.


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