Suchostaw massacre #galicia


Shalom -

There's a story I've heard repeated which derived >from actual
eyewitness accounts. It was said that when the local population of
Suchostaw heard reports that the Germans were marching into their
neighborhood, they already knew what was being done to the Jews. They
preempted the arrival of the Germans by rounding up the elderly or sick
Jewish men, the women, the children and many of the able body men as

They excluded some of the strong young people because they knew the
Germans wanted them for the work camps. After all were assembled, other
than those "chosen people", the men were ordered to dig a pit. Those
too sick or weak, the women and the children were pushed in while still
alive or shot and then buried, and finally, the men who had done the
work were pushed and buried too. In the words of the witness,
"afterward, the earth moved for three day and three nights." Only a
small number of the men were able to escape into the woods in the dark
of night and run away.

I would be most grateful if anyone who may knows any more details would
please contact me at I would particularly be
interested in learning the exact or approximate date or even just the
year and if there in anywhere I might read more about these tragic
events. Thank you.

Respectfully, Jonathan RIDGEWAY of Clintondale, NY (in the Hudson River

Searching HELLER, SCHARF and SCHNEIER of Suchostaw and Jazlowiec,
and WOLK and KATZ of Minsk or Minsk Gubernia

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