Lodz Area Research Group #Lodz #Poland Re: help with Polish translation #poland #lodz


Dear Fellow Researchers,

I've received reports >from a number of you that you have received messages
in Polish >from Marek Szukalak. Szukalak is an author writing a book on
Lodz Jews. In his message he is soliciting information about the surnames
and individuals you are researching and asking you to confirm the
information he already has. He apparently obtained your email addresses
from the JewishGen Family Finder. Please respond to him at your own risk.
Shirley Rotbein Flaum
LARG Co-coordinator

From: Hafcjf@...

Hi everyone! I've just received two emails with the subject lines of FUKS
and FUCHS, both surnames that I am researching. They appear to be
However, they are written in Polish. Is there anyone out there who can
translate them for me? I've included the text below.

Thanks so much,
Cathy J. Flamholtz
Lawrenceville, GA

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