passover customs/ Galicia #galicia

Chana Thompson-Shor <chthompson@...>

My last name is Shor; I learned that the only continuously-observant
branch of my family (originally >from Galicia) uses ginger rather than
horseradish on the seder plate, and eats kitniyot (beans, rice) on
Passover, much as sephardic Jews do. They say this is the custom the
family came with >from "the old country". These customs were something
of a surprise, as I'd always been under the impression that we were
thoroughly Ashkenazic, but the details of the family history are a
little fuzzy. Is anyone on this list familiar with these customs among
Galitzianer families (or anyone else Ashkenazi, for that matter... a
bonus if you're a Shor.)

Thank you

Chana Shor

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