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Eileen Price <eileen.price@...>

Dear Lodzer,

I am trying to put together family groups >from the addresses on the Lodz
Ghetto names list.

I would appreciate any answers to my questions.

My question deals with multiple addresses, some in the address column and
continued in the comments column.

In one case, in the address column, it lists AM BACH 14 23.

For different names, there is an address in the comments column, AM BACH 15.

I can't find a street listed by that name. What does AM BACH mean?

Several persons are listed at HOLZ 32 24 BIER 12.

Does this mean that they moved >from one street to another?
Does the number 32 refer to a building and 24 to a specific room?
Many persons are listed in BIER 12, I wonder if it was a major building
If TR means transfer and the number is VIII, does this mean the number of a
convoy, or a number on a special list?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Eileen Price
Denver, CO

[Moderator Note: The Lodz ShtetLinks web site is a good resource for help in
interpreting the ghetto records. Specifically, see "Lodz-Names: List
of the Ghetto Inhabitants: 1940-1944"
( http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/lodz/lodzname.htm ) for an explanation
of columns and abbreviations. On this page you will also find a link to
"Streets in the Lodz Ghetto, with Common Abbreviations."]

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