Horowic in Galicia??? #galicia

Scott Horwitz <horwitzzz_2000@...>

I recently received the ship manifest for the arrival
of my great grandmother into Baltimore. It lists her
place of birth as Horowic, Galicia. Has anyone heard
of this city in Galicia? Shtetl Seeker lists a city
with a variant spelling not far >from Krakow, but this
goes aginst all the statements that have been made in
my family about where my great grandmother was from.
Does anyone have specific information on this shtetl?


Scott Horwitz - Evanston, IL
WOHL/WUHL/MICHEL- Brzezahny, Ukraine (Galicia)
HORWITZ- Vienna, Austria & Stanislawow
(Ivano-Frankisk) Ukraine (Galicia)

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