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I'm trying to find information about Schleime KIRSHENBAUM (Szlejme
KIRSZENBAUM) who lived and died in Lodz around WWI.

I have gathered quite a lot of information about my grandmother, uncles,
aunts and cousins because none of them survived, and they were all in
Ghetto Lodz. Their names appear in the Lodz Names.

However, I know very little about my grandfather, Schleime KIRSHENBAUM,
except for the few facts that my mother used to mention. One of the facts
is that he had gone to the US to work, but when he asked my grandmother to
join him with their kids she ansewered that she wasn't going "me'ayver
layam", that is "across the seas", so he returned. On the Ellis Island
records I have located a Schleime KIRSCHBAUM (may be it's a spelling
mistake?)>from Lodz who came in 1904 to stay with a friend Jacob GROSSMAN of
468 Main St., Paterson, NJ. I even tried - to no avail - to trace
descendants of Jacob GROSSMAN as he was listed as a friend of another Lodz
man on the passenger list. May be Mr. GROSSMAN helped Jews >from Lodz for
some reason or other.

On the Internet, I read that the Lodz cemetry have lists of people buried
there (I'm sure he was buried in Lodz) and even the addresses where they had

I called up the Gmina Wyznaniowa Zydowska at Ul. Pomorska 18 in Lodz and
spoke to someone (in Polish. I can speak and read Polish quite well but
write rather poorly) giving them the details below. They asked me to call
back the next day when I was informed they did not have the information.
Since last year, I had quite a few unsuccessful experiences with Markuszow
in Poland where they gave me the run around for over a month (written and
over the phone) until I gave up, I'm wondering if I am going the wrong way
about it.

I'm guessing the following information (based on my grandmother's birth date
and having been told that he had been much older etc.):

Szlejme KIRSZENBAUM was born in Markuszow (?). He lived there for certain
before moving to Lodz as his eldest children born between 1898-1904 were
born in Markuszow.

Born: 1860? - 1870?

Address: His wife and children lived at 50 aleja 1-ego maja. I'm assuming
he had lived there too.

Died: around WWI – 1910-1918? I do not think that his death had anything
to do with the war. I think he died of an illness.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions about finding information about my

Tzilla Kratter, Jerusalem

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