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Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

This is my first posting to your Discussion Group.
As some of you already know, I have put online my first web site, a virtual
museum of Jewish family history. The URL is www.museumoffamilyhistory.com .
In the past year or two, I have undertaken a project to database burials
from most of the NY and NJ metro area cemeteries. On my web site you will
find overall grounds maps to over three dozen cemeteries in NY/NJ/FL, the
use of which will better prepare you for your next cemetery visit. Secondly,
there is a unique surnames list for eleven of the fourteen extant Lodz
society plots, as well as the two Lask plots, located in the NY-NJ metro
area. This means, e.g. that for the eleven combined Lodz plots, the Lodz
list contains all the unique surnames for those interred in these plots. If
anyone has a list of those interred in the Riverside, Baron Hirsch and
Independent Lodzer Young Men's plots and can send them to me, I will gladly
add the unique surnames to the list.
Hopefully, more plots will be databased and more unique surnames will be
entered onto the list in the near future. There is also a Links page, which
can connect you to over 350 genealogical and non-genealogical sites of
interest. You might also want to check the Museum's Updates page >from time
to time, which can be accessed through the Site Map.
I noticed that there are a great number of researchers interested in the
city of Lodz, so I hope that this information can do some good for many of
you. To access this list and others, go to the Site Map link and click on
Cemetery Project, then Names. There are similar lists for at least sixty or
seventy other towns and cities, mostly located in Poland, all of which list
the unique surnames of people interred in NY and NJ plots (not in Europe).
This information has not yet been presented to JewishGen and is not yet on
the JOWBR database.
Please visit my virtual museum at your leisure. Also, please consider
sending me some family photographs >from Lodz, Lask, elsewhere in Poland and
from Eastern Europe in general so that I may include them in my virtual
museum (see the exhibition "Postcards >from Home" on my site, accessed
through the Exhibitions link.) If you have any other material, family
stories and the like, or wish to put together an exhibition relating to
Jewish history that you think might be of interest to other visitors to my
museum, please contact me with your ideas and perhaps my site will serve as
a venue for your work.

Best wishes for continued successful research,
Steven Lasky

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