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Steve Levy <jtlevy1@...>

I am presently trying to compile information on my grandparents Jacob LEVI
(1843-1898)and Hannah LEVI(SHERESHEVSKY) (abt 1847-1934) who emigrated >from
Prussia to America in 1875. They had 3 children born in Prussia (Amelia b.
1864, Herman b.1868,and Fannie b.1869) and 3 children born in
America/Chicago (Mose 1875-1923, Mena 1876-1946, and Michael b. 1878). The
family initially settled in Chicago, but moved to St Paul/Minneapolis
between 1880-1890, where they lived for many years.

Although I am still searching for information on Jacobs's father, Hannah's
father was

Moses SHERESHEVSKY and her mother was Anna, both >from Prussia.

The early family members listed homes as Prussia, however they all spoke
Russian and

After 1900 listed Russia rather than Prussia as their homeland on census

I am not sure if this narrows down their area of homeland or not-I would
appreciate any information on location of Russian speaking portion of
Prussia or any guidance on how to gather more data on earlier LEVI or
SHERESHEVESKY relatives in Prussia.

Also have been unable to find any immigration records for Chicago around
1875-are these available ??

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Steve Levy

bonita springs, florida

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