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Eva Blanket

Hi Genners,

As the result of finding some relatives in the mid to latter-1800's, through
the wonderful Jewishgen and JRI-Poland Archives....I am soon going to travel
to these ancestral towns eg. Lodz, Lask, Ujazd in Poland and was wondering
how I would go about trying to get any possible addresses of these relatives
and Jewish places interests eg. Synagogues, schools etc.?

Also I would like to know the best way of finding a reputable guide to
assist in our journey to the above towns and perhaps also Krackow and
Warsaw? >from experience is it better to get one guide for all these towns or
a different one for each major city?


Researching: BLANKET/BLANKIET in -Lodz, Ujazd, Lask (POLAND)

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