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Brian Wiatrak, M.D. <Brian.Wiatrak@...>

i'm looking for information on the Joskowicz family, Sylberszac or
Wiatrak family also

I’m primarily looking for families that came >from Belchatow or
Czestochowa but it seems that many of these towns are really not that
far >from each other. Specifically, the Joskowicz and Zylbersac family
in Belchatow is of primary interest.

I have spoken to some with information on Belchatow but I haven’t
found any information on specifically Josek Joskowicz who was married
to Estera Fajgla nee Zylberszac, they lived in Belchatow but I can’t
find any information on them so I suspect they weren’t born there,
they didn’t die there, they did have a child there, my great grandfather
Henoch born in 1876 but I don’t see either of them listed in any
database I’ve searched.

So, maybe they were born and spent more significant time in other nearby

Brian J. Wiatrak, MD

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