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Bernard Flam

My name is Bernard Flam (Paris, France) and I have found 18 months ago
a suitcase with letters and pictures sent before 1939 by my mother's
family >from Lodz to her parents already in Paris:
. Kronenberg >from Opocno and Lodz, ul. Skolna 24,
. Zysman >from Zdunska Wola and Lodz, ul.Polnocna 6,
And relatives: Jablonski, Rottersman, Litewski, etc.

With the help of Jewish Gen and JRI web sites, translations >from
Yiddish of the 62 letters by 2 famous french interpreters, family
meeting with surviving first cousins in USA and visit to Yivo (NY),
OFRLI (Tel Aviv) and Yad Vashem (Jerusalem), I have almost rebuilt
the whole history >from 1890 to the end in Lodz's ghetto.

. I have found the same copy of the Lodz's ghetto inhabitants list
on the web sites, in Yivo, OFRLI and Yad Vashem: this is the 5 volumes
list published by OFRLI and Yad Vashem in 1994. In this list, deportation
date of my great-grand-mother Hana Sura Kronenberg and her daughter
Dworja is 30/20/42, assuming they have been deported together to

So where and how I can have a check of the original list and verify
if there is a transcription mistake on the date?

I thank you for your help and wish to meet some of you during congress
next month in Paris.

If I can be of any help for your researches in France, please ask!

Bernard Flam

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