skala podolskaya #galicia

Tony Hausner

To all persons who have roots in Skala Podolskaya, formerly in Galicia, now
in the Ukraine

Our group keeps growing and we now have over 60 members. We have many
projects ongoing and much information to share. So if any of you have any
connections to the town, please contact me. Our web site is

If any of you are attending the New York conference in mid August, please
let me know if I don't know about it already and perhaps we can get

Tony Hausner
Skala Shetl Leader


Hausner: Skala, Galicia, Austria, Bohemia

Wechsler, Zimmerman: Galicia

Bloch, Epstein: Czech

Tony and Toba Hausner
Silver Spring, MD 20901

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately.

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