Bukowsko (near Sanok), Poland - Census Records #galicia

Debbie Raff

I just e-mailed all Bukowsko researchers, but those of you who are not
registered as researching this town or perhaps are researching a nearby city
may find this information of value.

A cyber-friend of mine, Debbie Greenlee, located some Jewish entries within
the Church Census (Spis)Records of the parish church of Bukowsko last
summer. She was able to extract some info., but this summer she returned w/
photos of all pages >from one of the volumes and they all came out clearly.

Although Debbie G. is searching her Polish roots, she has been absolutely
wonderful in trying to pass on information, when she finds it.

Tonight, I downloaded a chart she produced, which includes an explanation of
these records. You "may" find one of your relatives listed. The details on
the Jewish entries are sparse, but you might see a family you recognize.
There was no need for detail >from the priest's perspective, as he would not
be visiting Jewish households.

Debbie's explanation is quite detailed and she probably has answered most
questions. It took her 10 years to gain the priest's confidence, and this
material would have never been found without her tenaciousness.

Go to: http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/Bukowsko/Spis.htm

Debbie Raff

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