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David W. Perle

Hello--it has come to my attention (thank you, Freda!) that the first
of the two links I gave below actually goes to an 1877 record >from
Kalisz that is in *Russian*, not actually in Polish! I have updated the
online request to reflect the actual language. Thank you to whoever can
translate that for me!

David W. Perle

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Hi! This is my first time posting documents for translation.
I've got two to start out with. The first is the birth record for my
great-grandfather (my namesake) in Kalisz, Dawid Wolf Perle.
The second is his parents' marriage record. I would love full
translations if possible;I'm quite curious what information these full
paragraphs contain! Also, you never know what clues they may contain in
helping to unlock other doors in searching for family information.
Thanks so much!


Oh, and if anyone can help with Russian and might e-mail me, I have
another record in Russian for Lithuania, but I'll skip posting the link
here, to keep things more on-topic.

David W. Perle

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