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Rosa Raskin

ViewMate Image Gallery page with the number 29453 is a photo
including members of my families, Chimowicz and Glicenstein.
The family was native to Lodz, but also lived in nearby cities in Poland
and in Karlsruhe, Germany, where I was born. My Uncle Alfred Chimowicz
is the man in the last row, standing, with metals on his uniform, his
cousin Masha Glicenstein in looking back at the picture of Trumpledor.
My father's sister, Cilla Chimowicz Glicenstein is also in the picture.

The picture was emailed to me my a newly-found cousin in Israel.
The family is in history books citing inhabitants of old Lodz.

I mention the photo in my book, "Walk Forward," on amazon.

Rosa Shine Raskin (nee Chimowicz)
Highland Heights, Ohio

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