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Ariel K <arielvfu@...>

I was recently acquainted with a fond in the www.szukajwarchiwach.pl
website: Referat Kart Tozsamosci

this fond including thousands of persons' ID cards applications which
include pictures of the applicant and much personal details (issued in
the years 1940-1944)

from what I saw by searching in the JewishGen holocaust database some
of them (possibly a big amount) are not listed in any of the Lodz
Ghetto inhabitants and other lists that are available online

These are NOT the ID work related since infants that were not born in
the Ghetto also had personal ID cards issued

so two questions:
1. What was the purpose of these ID cards (since based upon the number
of the ID cards they were not issued to all Ghetto inhabitants and the
issuing was during a long period of 4 years so not immediately upon
arriving to the Ghetto)?

2. has anyone ever indexed these records since we are talking about a
lot of documents that are not alphabetically organized?

thank you
Ariel Kubi

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