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Avraham Y. Kahana

I have been searching for traces of the following SOCHACZEWSKI family,
apparently >from Lodz, for nearly a decade, making a single
breakthrough through a Yad Vashem testimonial page match.

I could never trace and likelihood of individuals with same surname
living in the same Lodz Ghetto address being related

The data I have on my great grandmother, Rivka Miriam Sochaczweski z'l
family is:

Parents: Aharon Yechezkel (Aron Chaskel) and Leah nee SKROBEK

Rivka Miriam (my great grandmother)
Avraham Pessach (Abram Pejsach)
Sara Beila (Sura Bajla)

Years ago I came across Henoch's family traces in Yad Vashem, as
having been murdered in the Holocaust (not all of them, it seems).

Sender married Beila LANGNAS, daughter of Lejb and Sara Miriam (maiden
name something like FROTMANSDORF).

Minutes ago I have just found, at jewishgen, that Henoch's Lodz Ghetto
address was "Wald 3 14".
Making a new search with "Data Field" set to "Wald 3 14", returns a
Nicha SOCHACZEWSKI, born on 4-Apr-1876. Statistically, is it not true
that almost always individuals with the same family name, living under
the very same address in the ghetto, were related ? In other words,
this Nicha Sochaczewski must be a new lead, but unfortunately a
preliminary search did not reveal any concrete results yet.

If you happen to have anything to add on any of these, please contact me.
Thanks in advance,

Avraham Y. Kahana

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