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nicki <gould156@...>

I will be traveling to Lodz in May and I am looking for a
knowledgeable guide for the new Lodz Jewish cemetery.

I am trying to find where my grandparents are buried in the cemetery.
They both died in the Lodz ghetto in 1942. My grandfather is not
listed at the cemetery web site http://www.jewishlodzcemetery.org
There is one woman listed with the same name as my grandmother. There
is no information as to date of birth, death to confirm this is my

I understand the long-standing former caretakers and guides were
released >from their duties not too long ago. I did contact Agnieszka
and Krzystof several ways - directly and through researchers in
Poland. Agnieszka and Krzystof never responded so I can assume they
are no longer researching and guiding.

I know there are many burial cards and burial registers that have not
been indexed, scanned and/or recorded and therefore not on the web
site http://www.jewishlodzcemetery.org. Unfortunately these records
are languishing and deteriorating and all this priceless information
will be lost.

I contacted the Lodz Kehila, Borys Weininger and the Foundation
Monumentum Iudaicum Lodzense. I have not received a reply
to these emails

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding a knowledgeable
guide. Please contact me privately.

Nicki Chodnoff
central Ohio area
searching for: ROZENTAL >from Dabie, Kolo and Lodz, Poland;
ORCHAN >from Lodz, Dabie and Poddebice, Poland;
PARZENCZEWSKA(SKI) >from Lodz and Ozorkow, Poland.
PODCHLEBNIK >from Dabie and Poddebice, Poland

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