Rabbinic Genealogy SIG #Rabbinic Rav Joseph Machael KUGELMANN from b. Meimbressen, officiated Hesse-Kassel #rabbinic

Alan Ehrlich <alan.ehrlich@...>


Can somebody provide me with... or point me to ...genealogical and/or
general information about Rav Joseph Michael KUGELMANN?

He was born in Meimbressen, Germany and officiated in Hesse-Kassel, Germany,
where he was the "Kreissrabbiner" (Chief Rabbi for Hesse-Kassel).

The only source I have found so far is Arnsberg's book on the Hessen Jewish
Communities where it says that he died in Hesse-Kassel, Germany in 1793 and
offers one annecdote about his strict orthadoxy.

Thank you.

Friendly regards,
Alan Ehrlich
Geneva, Switzerland

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