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Lawrence D. Weinberg <larryw@...>

About a month ago I discovered that I have several direct ancestors
who were Rabbis, most of them in Prague. I will be posting questions
about each family in turn. This post is about the SPIRA and BONDI

Rabbi Jechiel Michel SPIRA b. abt 1540, son of Simon SPIRA, was Chief
Rabbi of Posen in 1560. His son was Benjamin Wolf Spira
(c.1560-1630), a Dajan in Prague for 30 years. His son was Aron
Simon SPIRA 1599-1679. Aron whose last name was sometimes
SPIRA-WEDELES or just WEDELES held various rabbinic posts in Lemberg,
Brest-Litovask, Lublin, Krakau, Wien and was eventually Chief Rabbi
of Bohemia for about forty years. His son Benjamin Wolf SPIRA
(1640-1715) was also a Chief Rabbi of Bohemia. His son Elia Wolf
SPIRA (1660-1712) was the author of Elijahu Rabba a commentary on the
Shulchan Aruch. His son, Loebel Elia SPIRA, was the Rosh Yeshiva in
Leipa, Bohemia. His daughter Malka SPIRA married Abraham Simon
PRESSBURG. I am interested in contacting the descendants of Jechiel
Michel. Additionally, I believe that Jechiel Michel SPIRA was
somehow related to the family of Natan Nata SPIRA (1585-1633), the
Magalleh Amukkot. Several people have suggested this, but no one has
offered proof or an exact connection.

My second question is about Esriel (Israel) BONDI father of Dobrisch
BONDI d. 1725. She was the wife of Elia Wolf SPIRA. The book about
the BONDI family states the following: "The wife of this Reb Elia
Spira was also a Bondi, Dobrisch, daughter of the "Primator" R.
Esriel S. Eisik YOMTOV-BONDI. Their origin stems >from another line
of the same family whose descendents today spell their name "BONDY"."
(Auman p. 95). Does anyone know how this family connects to the
large BONDI family that descends >from Salman BONDI son of Yomtob
BONDI son of Abraham BONDI.

Thank you in advance for all responses,
Larry Weinberg Overland Park, Kansas, USA larryw@... or

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