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My Great Grandphather 7 generations back was Rabbi Aaron Ben Moshe Halevy
HOROWITZ, Rabbi of Starosjle in Belaruse. He was a favorite student of Rabbi
Shneor Zalman of Ladi and a decendent of the "Shala".
After the death of Rabbi Shneor Zalman Rabbi Aaron Left ladi to form his own
congregation in Strosjle, according to a book, his son that took over after him
had no children and his congregation divided in those that continued his ways
and those that returned to the Lubavitch Rabbi.
Does anyone have any more information regarding Rabbi Aaron or his descendents?
Rabi Aaron's daughter Merried Alexander Sender FRUMKIN and there is a long
brunch that descends >from them.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Jacky Laznow

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