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Hello Larry, hello all,

first I want to say that I would be glad, if all those, who respond to Mr.
Weinberg about R. Jechiel SPIRA, would send a copy of their mail to me. I am a
descendant of R. SPIRA via his greatgranddaughter Keila, who was married to R.
Jakob BRANDEIS; so I am of cause very interested in every information about her

I think there is no doubt that R. Jechiel Michel SPIRA/SHAPIRO/SHAPIRA is - like
the Megaleh Amukot R. Nathan Nata SPIRA (1585 - 1633)- a descendant of R. Perez
SPIRA >from Konstanz/Germany (born about 1390).The question is: When did their
lines divide? I suppose that they are both descendants of R. Perez SPIRA of
Krakow, a grandson of the aforementioned Perez SPIRA. It may even be that the
greatgrandfather of R. Nathan Nata, who is sometimes mentioned as "Samson" is
identical with R. Simon, the father of R. Jechiel Michel. There are many cases,
where a Schimschon is alternatively mentioned as Simon or Samson. So my
hypothesis is that R.Jechiel Michel was a brother of R. Nathan SPIRA, the
grandfather of the Megaleh Amukot. This would make R. Aaron Simon SPIRA (1599 -
1679), the ancestor of the SPIRA rabbis and talmudists >from Prague, a second
cousin of the Megaleh Amukot.

Gregor Brand, Bargstedt, Germany

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