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Dear Shabsa and other SIGers,

My gg-grandmother, Perla BORNSTEIN GRUNHAUS, was born in Zelechow, Poland
in approximately 1859. Her father, Josef BORNSTEIN, was said to have
owned a winecellar and tavern in that town. She had at least one sister,
Miriam Dvoreh, who married Moishe PYTKOWICZ. Perla herself married David
GRUNHAUS, also a native of Zelechow.

According to a portion of my great-grandfather (the son of David and
Perla)'s memoirs which was translated on tape by my late grandfather,
Perla was related to Rabbi ...Yehuda (the first part of the name was
inaudible). However, I also have the original handwritten document in
Yiddish, though I'm unable to read it.

Perla was said to have come >from a long line of Rabbis and Shochtim, and
there are nine BORNSTEINs named in a list at the end of the Zelechow
Yizkor book, a copy of which should be arriving for me any day now. Perla
eventually moved with her family to Lodz, and later immigrated to the US
in 1917 at the age of 58.

I've heard of a Rabbi David BORNSTEIN of Lodz, but I'm not sure if there's
a connection.

If I'm able to connect Perla (who became "Pearl" in the US) to a Rabbinic
family, odds are I'll be able to take her lineage back many times farther
than the rest of my family, which otherwise is unknown prior to about
1830. I hope we can help each other - perhaps your Yacov Yosef BORNSTEIN
is the same individual as my Josef BORNSTEIN.


Abe Greenhouse

Subject: Fw: LANDAU of Czestochowa; BORNSTEIN of Olkusz and Szczekociny
From: "Shabsa A. Lis" <shabsa@...>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 18:16:56 -0500

This is a correction of the earlier message.

I was wondering if anyone would know of any information or resources about
these families:

1. LANDAU of Czestochowa, Poland. In 1854, Frandl LANDAU, age 19, daughter
of Wolf Jonas LANDAU and Bayli FRANKEL of Czestochowa, married Abraham
STERNFELD, age 18, son of Pinches STERNFELD and Rayzy/Ruda
of Slomniki, Poland.

2. Aharon BORNSTEIN, married to Faygl daughter of Boruch >from Szczekociny,
Poland (lived in early to mid-1800's). Sons named Lipman Leibus, Avrohom
Eliezer (born 1831) and Israel. Trying to see if they are related to the
family of the Agudas Aizov, Zev Nochum BORNSTEIN, who was a Rabbi in
Poland and Olkusz, Poland and whose son was Rabbi Avrohom BORNSTEIN
(1839-1910), the Avnei Nezer, known as the "Sochachever Rebbe", and the
son-in-law of the Kotzker Rebbe. Apparently, both families claim descent
>from the Shach. I have a letter that states that my great-great-uncle
Yosef BORNSTEIN, was the son of Israel Meir and the grandson of a certain
BORNSTEIN, and that Lipman was a brother of the Sochachever. Also, looking
for any
information on a family tree of the descendants of the Shach.

I thank you for your assistance.

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