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Minden <minden@...>

Dear Terry,

Isn't this rather the same as OSTRAIKH, ESTRAIKH etc., >from the name of the
country of Austria (O"sterreich)?

The change ai>aa is the rule in West Yiddish ("Jewish-German") as well as in
large parts of Southern East Yiddish (Galicia, Ukraine).

You didn't mention if you know about your family's tribe, but may it is
worth while comparing with the families mentioned above.

All the best,

Phillip Minden

-------------Original Message------------
According to some information I got on AISH, our family name is probably
derived >from ASTROK. The family are Cohenim and come >from a long line
of rabbis, but I cannot find any information on any rabbi except Rabbi
Schlomo ASTROK who lived in the 12th century.
Terry Ostrach

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