Przemysl Poland Research Update #galicia

Sheila Schneider <Sheila.Schneider@...>

I am delighted to inform all Przemysl, Poland researchers that
we added a "List of House Owners" >from 1895, 1910 and 1932 that
can be accessed >from the Przemysl, Poland website. Look at the
Research Drop Down Menu Option and select "List of House Owners."

A very special "thank you" to David Sotkowitz, Webmaster, and
Lukasz Biedka, Project Coordinator for the Przemysl Memorial Book
(Poland), for their dedication in completing this project. The
house owners list contains over 10,000 surnames, given names,
addresses/lot numbers.

Sheila Werter Schneider, Coordinator
Shtetlinks Project for Przemysl, Poland
Email: sheila08520@...

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