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According to family sources we are descendants of R' Naftali KATZ
down through his gggdt "wife of R'Efraim Fishel (son of Lieb Hagavoha
of Cracow). According to various family and outside sources, they had
a son R' Shmuel of Kremenetz who had a son Arieh Leib (also of
Kremenetz). (Among other sources: Rosenstein's "The Unbroken Chain",
"Elef Margaliot".)

Further down >from here we only have family sources which refer to
R' Leib's son-in-law a certain R' Joseph, Rabbi of a town (city?)
called Brezhnitz (presumably but not definitely in Galicia) and his
son Yisrael of Opta (or Ostra) who came to live in Palestine in the
mid 1800s and died in Tiberias (ggggft).

Does anyone know details of these individuals mentioned above.

Thanks in Advance,

Yoni Ben-Ari
Efrat, Israel

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