Re: Irish Lord Mayor #Lithuania #Help #ISO


I am interested in the name Sandler (reference their marriage into the Goldbergs of Cork), as there were two Sandlers who married into my Serwianski family from Sejny in Suwalki (just over the border from Kovno), One Hannah Sandler married my great grand uncle Barnett (Baruch) Servian in Liverpool in 1878.  She died in 1895 and Barnett moved to Chicago in 1905 with the four grown up children he had by Hannah Sandler in Liverpool. Barnett changed his name to Silverman in 1879 when his first son was born, and then to Maxwell in the USA (after his father Mordecai).  Their cousins, who were known as Server, came from Vishtinetz to Middlesbrough in NE England in the early 20th century, and one of them also married a Sandler.  Several of this family also went onto Chicago. 

Jill Whitehead
Sutton, Surrey, UK

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