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Hi all.
1. I have the name Isaak RIESS, who lived in the Pomorzany area (Galicia) in
the first half of the 19th century. In Meorei Galicia there appears one
Itzchak Isaac REIS corresponding >from Pomorzany, Stratin and Dombrowa. Could
anyone give me any leads to more information about this individual or the
REIS family of this area.
2. Isaac REIS's son Chaim REIS (b. 1851) married Vitcha Ruchel MARGOLIS,
daughter of Yakov David and Chana Beile. She had a bother Hirsh MARGOLIS who
had 3 daughters and a son. I suppose this MARGOLIS family came >from the same
area of Pomorzany, Zborow, Zlochow, etc. Does anybody know if this MARGOLIS
family is related to the rabbinical MARGOLIOT family?
3. My gggg-grandmother was Chaya Dreizel LANDAU (b. around 1830) >from the
same area in Eastern Galicia. She married Moshe KALAFAR (KALAFI, KALAFE,
KALAFORA?). Where can I get information on the Landau's of that area? Does
anybody have any clues for me?
Thanks in advance.
Philip Rosinsky rosinskyb@...

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