Tyczyn and Rzeszow #galicia

Marian Rubin

Suzan Wynne mentioned Rzeszow records held in the Lviv Archive
(excerpt below).

Rzeszow birth records for 1841-1866 held in the Lviv Archive have
been indexed and are included in the JRI-Poland database.

Additional Rzeszow birth records for 1866 are held in the Rzeszow
Archive. They have been indexed, and they also appear in the
JRI-Poland database.

Marian Rubin
Coordinator, the Rzeszow Research Group
San Francisco

Mark Halpern included the names of two communities in the list of
those whose records were in Lviv and recently filmed by the Mormons:
Mark mistakenly listed the town of Tuchin. It should be Tyczyn, a
subdistrict of Rzeszow district, which encompasses many small towns
in a very large area to the south of the town. Mark was unsure about
whether Rzeszow records were also included in this group. They are.

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