Rzeszow Records #galicia

Marjorie Rosenfeld <marjorierosenfeld@...>

In speaking of records in the Lviv Archives, Suzan Wynne writes:

"I never personally researched the Rzeszow records so I can't
report anything about what they look like but I assume that they
are equally sparse [i.e., as sparse as Tyczyn records], as all of
the other early Rzeszow records in Poland are."

I don't know how full of information these records are either, but
I checked the Routes to Roots Foundation site
(http://www.rtrfoundation.org/search.asp) to see what was available
for Rzeszow. The good news for Rzeszow researchers is that there
appear to be quite a few records of many different types for this
shtetl -- in Lviv as well as in Rzeszow itself, where I have heard
that there is a very dedicated archivist who is committed to getting
all the Jewish records into some sort of order. (At least, this is
what the guide I had on a 2004 ShtetlSchleppers trip told me.)

Marjorie Rosenfeld
Carlsbad, CA

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