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Hello everyone. I write this to inform interested persons of the
information I have obtained regarding the distinguished WEIDENFELD
rabbinical family. I will be happy to tell you the source of my
information if you write to me personally.

Yaakov WEIDENFELD had three sons. One was a rabbi in Mariampol
(name unknown), Nachum and Eliezer. Their mother was named Chana,
and family lore had it that a famous rabbi called her "Chana of the
golden womb" because of the extraordinary children she produced!

Eliezer WEIDENFELD, also known as the "Reb Lazer of Stanislav" (or
something close :~) was born in 1760, but I don't know where. He
married the daughter (Leah) of a leading citizen of Stryj, possibly
named Zalman BREITESS. Eliezer and Leah had at least two children.
Here there is a discrepancy with the information >from "Meorei
Galicia", which states Leah was Eliezer's only wife. Anyway, one of
these children was named Chaim. Leah died at a very young age.
Eliezer moved to Stanislav, and many, many years later remarried.
At the age of 70, his son Yaakov was born. And as we know, Dov Ber,
Nachum and Yitzhak were the sons of Yaakov. And there were three

I have a new conundrum. I have an obituary, written by Rabbi Dr. A.
Mellinek of the Brondesbury Synagogue, for an Isaac WEIDENFELD, of
London, who died in 1960. The obit states, "Mr. WEIDENFELD, who
died at the age of 93, was hailed by the world of Talmudic
scholarship as a brilliant star among the dwindling band of learned
lay luminaries in Western Europe." It also states that Isaac was
the nephew of the Chassidic scholar, the Tzebiner Rav (Dov Ber
WEIDENFELD), but it also states that he was the cousin of Rabbi B.
WEIDENFELD, Principal of the Jerusalem Yeshiva. Now, I have been
told that the Tzebiner Rav and Rabbi B. WEIDENFELD are the same
person. Does anyone know the relationship between Isaac and the
Tzebiner Rav? Isaac had two sons, David and Israel. Do any of you
know if they are still living?

There may also be a link between Isaac and Sir George WEIDENFELD of

Thank you for any information and help you may be able to provide!

Denise Weidenfeld Azbill

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