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On 2002-02-27, Moshe Dovid Friedman <moshetanach@yahoo.com> wrote:

Does Anyone know if any Chasidic Rebbes (Munkatch, Lubavitch,
Vizhnitz Belz etc.) or other gedolim such as the Vilna Gaon or
the Maharal are related to the Chasam Sofer (R' Moshe Sofer) or
to R' Akiva Eiger? If so, how?
According to the book of the EGER Family Association, written by
Akiva Eger(!) >from Kibutz Netzer Sireni, 1996. In the Akiva EGER
ancestor's (father's) side, there is the MaHaRaL, and the Tosfot
Yom Tov (not direct lineage).

By his descendants, I found the Radzin dynasty (Leiner), and
(Lehavdil!), close to the family, there is a very famous Jew, not
a Rabbi - Karl MARX! Some of the Munkatch and the Viznitz are
related also to the Tosfot Yom Tov (Heller), but it is too far.

Shalom Fuchs

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