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Some questions related to the SOFER family if anyone can help:
3. Asher Zelig STEINMETZ's aunt, Batya, married R. Nechemia
ROSENBERG, who was apparently related to and possibly a grandson
of Rabbi Jacob Abraham Eber ROSENBERG of Sighet. Does anyone know
the exact relationship between the two?
On the question of ROZENBERG/STEINMETZ: There have been several
marriages between the two families.

The elder ROZENBERG was Avrohom Eber ROZENBERG [1787-1831] who came
from Buczacz [Bitshutsh, in Yiddish], Austrian Galicia, where his
family name was ELENTMAN. The name Avrohom Eber is such an unusual
combination that almost anyone with that name may be a descendant.
When he moved to Zabodke [near Veretski] he changed his name to
ROZENBERG. He had a son named Yaacov who lived in Sighet [died in
Tiberias, Israel in 1884] . Yaacov's son was Yehuda Avrohom Eber
ROZENBERG [popularly known as Yide Eber - 1831-1916l] who lived in
Bitshkev [about 15 miles fron Sighet]. Is it possible that your
Yaacov Avrohom Eber is in error for Yehuda Avrohom Eber? Note: he
was named after his grandparents. Yehuda came >from his grandmother
"Nisel"s grandfather, Yehuda KAHANE [the Kuntras Hasfekos, Av Bes
Din of Sighet.] Yidel Eber married Esther STEINMETZ.

Any information on this branch of ROZENBERG will be appreciated.

Shmuel Shoshan
Zfat - Miami

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