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Jim Bennett <bennett@...>

1) My gggg grandfather was Henoch ben Baruch, born about 1747 in
Bissingen, Schwaben, Bayern. In 1787 he adopted the name
BISSINGER in nearby Ichenhausen, and the family prospered there
for the next 150 years. One of his sons was named Yehuda Loeb.

2) Two generations before "my" Henoch, there lived "Rabbi Chanoch
Henoch aus Schwaben", as he was known, who was Rav in
Gunzenhausen, Schnaittach. He was the son of R. Yehuda Loeb of

Prof. David Kaufmann wrote about them in MFWJ (42) 1898, p.557.

Naturally the tantalizing question arises: Was my Henoch the
grandson of Rabbi Henoch?

Does anyone have more information or advice about this?

Jim Bennett

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