Re: Jewish Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia #galicia

Hava Porat <havapo@...>

I tried to link to but got error.

As I have a branch of my family tree that came >from Russia would
like very much to have an address that might give me more

As a matter of fact I am looking for information >from Buynaksk /
Bujnatsk, Dagastan Russia. (I know that is not connected to Galicia
but maybe somebody can help.)

Best regards,

Hava Porat
Research families: Levit (Dagastan, Russia),
Korn, Wiesenfeld and Kranz (Tarnobrzeg, Poland),
Pitchon and Hanoka (Thessaloniki, Greece),
Federman and Borchovski (Siedlce, Poland).

Naomi Fatouros <> wrote...

I think what Ms. Rosenbaum may be inquiring about

St. Petersburg Jewish University Address: Russia
196247 St. Petersburg, POB 10
Tel.: 7-812-316-38-30
Fax: 7-812-513-10-04
Web site:
[Quoted message truncated by Moderator.]

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The correct web address for the university appears
to be . Please continue privately
any discussion of non-Galician research.

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