Re: Posowina, Galicia #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Hi Talila,

It appears that Ellis Island computer folks have incorrectly
deciphered Jozef Stan's home town.

Town should read Pozowice, not Posowina. Village is located about
12 miles SW >from Krakow at 4959 1942, not far >from Kalwaria
Zebrzydowska and Wadowice, and very close to Skawina. You can
pinpoint its map location through ShtetlSeeker.

During the interwar period village population was 533, the nearest
railway station was in Wielkie Drogi, post office in Skawina (re:
1929 Poland Business Directory).

Regards and Happy 2007

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Talila Stan <> wrote...

I tried to look for Posowina, Galicia, >from where my grandfather
emigrated in 1906 to the US, but I can not find it.

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