The Jews of Galicia in 1839 #galicia

Suzan & Ron Wynne <srwynne@...>

My husband and I are going through a major downsizing in preparation for
our move to an apartment. I found in my house 5 copies of "The Jews of
Galicia in 1839," the reprint that Peter Oresick produced for Gesher
Galicia in 1997. This booklet was a chapter in a much larger book
entitled, Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews >from the Church
of Scotland in 1839. The travellers/authors, Andrew A. Bonar and Robert
Murray M'Cheyne, travelled the world on a mission to find Jews and to
report on their "condition and character." The resulting 740 book was
published in 1842 and includes woodcuts, maps and drawings. The 53 page
chapter on Galicia offers rich observations of how Jews were living in
many communities though their focus was on Lemberg (Lviv), Tarnopol,
Brody and Cracow.

The late Nat Abramowitz found this book and Peter Oresick >from Carnegie
Mellon worked for many months to locate a copy good enough to scan and
use for production of the booklet. The booklet was actually produced by
volunteers at Carnegie Mellon as a project.

If you are interested in having one of these 5 copies, please let me know
so that I can arrange to mail a copy of the booklet. I am asking for a
donation to Gesher Galicia of $5 plus $5 to cover mailing costs. If you
live outside the US, the mailing costs will be higher.

Suzan Wynne
Kensington, MD

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