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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Recently, someone posted about the FREIDBERG family. Since then, I
found the following reference to a FREIDBERG related to the LUNTZ
family >from Siauliai, Lithuania:

1. Gaon Rabbi Yechezkel LUNTZ
2. Rabbi Getzel LUNTZ
3. Mordechai LUNTZ
m. Yudita FREIDBERG, >from Kovno (Koshidar)
3. Rabbi Meir LUNTZ
4. Rabbi Yakov Moshe LUNTZ
5. ? LUNTZ

The Luntz family was associated with the Kloiz de Aglonim (Carters'
Kloiz) in Siauliai, particularly Rabbi Yehuda Leib LUNTZ.

Unfortunately, I do not have any dates associated with the people

Sorry, but I do not know anything further regarding either of these
two families.

Ann Rabinowitz

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