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Remarkably, many of the descendants of the Chortkover Chasidim have
remained loyal to this group, despite it's having been leaderless
for more than four decades. In the early 1990s followers in Israel
began rallying around two regal and charismatic grandsons of R' Dov
Ber, [...] the two brothers [...] refused to accept the title of
Rebbe. [...]
In the mid 1990s a new Chortkover Shtibel was founded in Antwerp,
Belgium, which in addition to a Shtibel in Jerusalem, remain the
only remnants of a movement of tens of thousands.
Dear Group,

Recently we spent Shabbat in Tzfat. While walking through the old
city, there I passed a building which said on it Bet Midrash
dwchassidei Chortkov. I expectedlly was very excited and asked
around the neighborhood who was responsible for/gabai of the shul.
I was told that they daven there on Shabbat but not daily and given
the name of the gabai, a Meir Mendelson.

After calling and introducing myself as a greatgrandson of a
Chortoker Chosid who had lived in Tveria, I was forwarded to the
gabai of the Chortokov Shtibel in Jerusalem, who confirmed that my
grandmother's brother, David SCHECHTER of Jerusalem and father of
the present world head of Breslov (?) Reb' Yaacov Meir SCHECHTER,
was a staunch Chortokover chosid.

Since you mentioned that one of the previous Rebbes moved to Austria
I am wondering if my greatgrandfather's brother, who I heard moved
to Vienna at some point in the late 19th early 20th was following
his Rebbe (I have no idea when he went to Vienna).

Thank you for the information and if you learn anything else I would
appreciate hearing .

Ktiva Vechatima Tova to one and all

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem/Efrat

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