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Dear Ravsig Members,

Many of us are probably not aware that Polish academics, being in
possession of much Jewish heritage in their country, are publishing
some very interesting articles and books about Jewish history and
culture in Poland. Of relevance to our interest are a few books I
came across at the Robarts Library at the University of Toronto.

"Groby Cadykow w Polsce" by Marcin Wodzinski is a survey of the
ohalim and gravemarkers - with their full inscriptions - of
chassidic leaders in Poland. There are photographs, both old and
modern, and a valuable listing of rashei taivot, some of which are
rare and have caused some of us difficulty. Incidentally, there is
a sketch of R. Simcha Bunem of Przysucha and his signature on an
official Polish document. Interestingly, he signed his name, Simche

"Hebrajskie Inskrypcje na Slasku XIII-XVIII Wieku" (Hebrew
Inscriptions >from Silesia >from the 13th to 18th Centuries) by Marcin
Wodzinski published in 1996 also contains photographs and
transcriptions of gravemarkers, this time of well known individuals
and families living in Silesia. This is a book of prime relevance
to genealogists; it includes an index of names, alphabetically
ordered on first name, and of surnames. This book also has a
valuable listing of abbreviations used in tombstone inscriptions.

Alex P. Korn
URBACH, Dzialoszyn, Poland

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