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I have written today to the operator(s) of the Jewish Encyclopedia.
In a short time I received a reply >from "Josh" who said that some
bugs still had to be worked out.

I was prompted to write because I too had a little trouble but I
am sure that when the technical problems are solved, searches will
be much easier.

Still, because different people wrote the articles, the spellings
of names of towns and persons throughout the encyclopedia are not

For instance, when I typed in "Berdichev" turned up nothing. But
typing in "Berditchev" and "Berditchew" turned up several "hits".
(Eventually, I'll add to the information given under the main
Berditchev heading by "starting a discussion" as we are invited to
do for each topic.)

So, when I decided to do a search for the town "Kremenchug," I knew
from my experience with Berdichev to try first "Krementchug," and
thus I got quite a few "hits." ("Kremenchug" turned up nothing.)

When I first tried "BELKOWSKY" I got only one answer, which
concerned the Kharkov conference which my grandfather's cousin,
Gregor Zvi BELKOWSKY, had attended, under the heading "Zionism."
Most Jewish encyclopedias have biographical information about Gregor
Zvi under the spelling BELKOWSKY. I don't know how his name is
spelled in Hebrew, but I do have translations of the biographical
information given in a couple of Hebrew references. So, curious why
more about him did not appear at the site, today I tried typing in
"Zionism," and on the second "page" found the encyclopedia's quite
good biography of "Gregoire Zvi BELKOVSKY. I was pleased to see a
list of articles he'd written, some of which I did not know about
before, and I expect to create a discussion group about him. My
first attempt to fill out the Encyclopedia's message form to set up
a BELKOVSKY-BELKOWSKY-BIELKOWSKY Discussion Group and to update the
biographical information the Encyclopedia provides for Gregor Zvi
failed when I pressed the "send" button, but Josh assured me that
this sort of failure will be remedied.

So no one should be disappointed at their first tries at exploring
the Encyclopeida. Instead, everyone should use his or hers
imagination and attempt all the possible variants of names of towns
and people. Also try searching under a subject matter heading.
Something of interest is bound to turn up!

As for the articles, there is for instance, a very good one on
Jewish agricutural colonies in Russia, which I turned up simply by
typing "Agriculture" in the search box.

Naomi Fatouros (nee Feldman)
Bloomington, Indiana

Researching: BELKOWSKY and BIELKOWSKY, Odessa and Berdichev;
Shcherets; LEVY, Mulhouse; SAS or SASS,Podwolochisk; RAPOPORT,
Tarnopol, Korostyshev; BEHAM, Salok and Kharkov; WOLPIANSKY,

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