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On 29 Aug 2002 at 0:25, Samuel Shoshan wrote:

He was the son of
R' Eliiyahu FRUCHTER, whose father was Shlomo [the first FRUCHTER
given this patronymic by the Emperor of Austro-Hungary whose story
of the three brothers I will write about soon.]
The story of the three brothers, Mordechai STERN of Seliszt, Avraham
ADLER of Borsha, and Shlomo FRUHTER Visheva (please forgive my
spelling of the names of the town, my source gives them in Hebrew)
is recorded in an appendix to Gilyonos Maharsham (Jerusalem 5758),
which was publshed by Chaim Stern.

According to the story the names were indeed chosen by the Emperor
Josef II in the year 5550 (but of course were not patronyms).
According to this source, the father of the three brothers, Yosef
(a descendant of the Sheloh) was himself son in law of Rav Zvi Hirsh
Horovitz of Chortkov. It states that more information can be found
in "Matebos Kodesh" (New York, 5712) >from p. 13.

Ksiva vachasima tova.

David Shapiro

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