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Tomer Brunner <tomerbr@...>

Shalom Rav-Siggers,

I want to share an idea with you and see want you think about it.

Many times during my research I come across names of descendants of
specific rabbis or rabbinical families. For example, on tombstones
it may state "Here buried Mr. --- a descendant of the rabbi…." Or
in History, Yizkor or any other book, not dealing directly with
genealogy or with the rabbi ancestor, it may state the same.

Those of us who research a certain family, I believe, might benefit
from knowing about these descendants even if the exact relation is
not yet known.

Do you think we should have a special database, arranged by family
names, Where one who find a reference to a descendant of a rabbi or
family can put in the reference (name of book or location of
cemetery) or even the full description of data available? Or should
we let others know about it just in the form of a regular sig

Another kind of database is book criticism database.

More than once I came accross hand-written remarks on old books
(found in universities for example), some of which used to belong
to known scholars (as seen >from the Ex-libris, for example) or to
anonymous persons. The remarks varies >from "compare to the book
by...page..." to "this whole section is incorrect." Sometimes such
remarks were printed as part of the book text. Of course one cannot
trust these remarks as 100% correct but sometimes it would be worth
checking up. If entering all the remarks is too much, it's possible
at least to enter the location and copy number of the book.

I'm not able to build such databases but can definitely supply some
data. Any ideas?

Shana Tova,

Tomer Brunner, Israel.

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