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Samuel Shoshan <sshoshan@...>

Some of you have been writing to me, looking for burials of ancestors
laid to rest here: I am looking into them. Today, I saw several
matsevot with the name Heller. I don’t know their relationship to the
famous Yom Tov Lipman Heller, the Tosfot Yom Tov [1579-1654, >from a
long lineage of Rabbis going back to Yechiel Gaon, Rosh Yeshiva of
Rome in the 11th century]. Many of the graves are covered with a fine
yellow dust >from the nearby construction of a new super-highway link
from Zfat to the road to Tiberias.
Mordechai Shababo has recently painted sky-blue [ancient Zfat color]
the kever of Rav Shmuel Heller, who was the Ashkenazi Rav of Zfat, a
medical doctor and a disciple of Avrohom Dov of Avrich [1765-1840].
Rav Heller was instrumental in organizing a nearby esrog plantation to
benefit local Jewish farmers aiming for the European market that
imported esrogim for Sukot >from the Greek island of Corfu. He lived to
the age of eighty-eight, to 1884.

On the climb back upward I heard Jewish music, stopped for some shade
at the Arizal’s [Rav Yitskhak Luria] freezing-water mikva and watched
blond-haired, swarthy and black-skinned Jews enter. It seems that
before Rosh Hashana Jews come >from afar to immerse themselves in this
mikva at this cemetery. To see a nice photo of two Zfat modern Breslev
Chasidic musicians near the cemetery click on:
www.nachalnovea.com/calendar/calendar.htm and then to enlarge, on
“music and joy.”

Shana Tova,

Shmuel Shoshan
Zfat - Miami

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